Healthcare Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction


Steve Weinman, RN, BSN

Steve Weinman is a registered nurse with over 25 years of experience in mass casualty and disaster response. Currently, he is Chief of EMS and Rescue for two municipalities in Central New Jersey and recently completed an 8 year tour as a member of the National Nurses Response Team for the US Department of Health and Human Services (serving in parallel roles with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security). Mr. Weinman has lectured on disaster response and weapons of mass destruction at the local, regional & national levels.

Mr. Weinman is the  Executive Director of the Institute for Medical and Nursing Continuing Education, a provider of CNE through the ANCC. He is a graduate of the Jewish Hospital School of Nursing with a diploma and earned a BSN from Webster University.

Michael Stitley, MS

Michael Stately has been actively involved in Emergency Services since 1996.  He holds a master’s degree in Administrative Science, with an emphasis in Emergency Management and Counter Terrorism.   He has served as the Somerset County, New Jersey Emergency Medical Services Coordinator from 2011-2014. During his tenure as the county Emergency Medical Services Coordinator, Mr. Stitley participated in several working groups with the county department of health specific to pandemics response. In 2014 he served on the Somerset County, New Jersey Ebola Taskforce and participated in policy development for emergency services response to Ebola emergencies. He was also an active member on several taskforces charged with developing table-top and functional exercises for Ebola Response.From 2009-2010 he served as the Somerville, New Jersey Emergency Management Coordinator. He also served as the Somerset County, New Jersey Police Academy Lead Instructor for law enforcement response to Medical Emergencies.

Nicole Rondon, MPH, REHS, HO

Nicole Radon  has over 10 years’ experience in the field of public health and holds licensure in the State of NJ as Health Officer and Registered Environmental Health Specialist.  In her current role, she assists the Consumer and Environmental Health programs and provides consultation to a variety of stakeholders in the areas of infectious disease, bioterrorism and public safety.  She leads teams investigating infectious outbreaks in Somerset County New Jersey and routinely provides consultation to health and public safety agencies in the areas of infectious and communicable disease as well as Somerset County Office of Emergency Management in the areas of bioterrorism and emergency planning.

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